I’m a picture person with a curious mind an insatiable desire to explore and to do something I can feel passionately about. From the moment I began capturing images as a way of expressing myself, a career in the visual arts was inevitable.

With a portfolio of photographs and a mind full of movies but no clue about how they were made, I was selected for a place at Manchester where I discovered Cinematography and established the style in which I practice today.

I graduated with prize money, 16mm film stock and processing which I invested in shooting music videos that were regularly streamed on MTV most notably ‘Can You Dig It’ for the Mock Turtles.

What motivates me is story it is the driving force behind my work, and at the heart of what is an extensive career that began within the camera department working on features, commercials and HETV. I am proud of my journey, the time I have spent on set developing my expertise knowledge and skill, and to be a member of GBCT & BAFTA Crew.

For me Cinematography is about the doing, creatively I feel it is where I best contribute to a production and I’m honoured that I have been nominated and awarded for excellence in my craft at festivals worldwide. Aesthetically I love the feeling a film gives me when I see it projected but ultimately whatever the choice of format it's down to my skills to bring the directors vision to life and make the movie the best looking version of itself it can be.