About me .....

How did you come to join the Film & Television Industry?  I wanted to do something adventurous and ground breaking that I could embrace, feel passionate about and grow with.  In time honoured fashion I started out as a assistant in the camera dept, one day I got a call asking if I'd DP a 16mm film starring Brian Blessed.  Since then I've shot Commercials, Documentaries and Award Winning Narrative Short Film Drama, I am proud to be a member of GBCT & BAFTA Crew.

Where did you study? In Manchester it was a unique course and places were limited, thankfully the head of department liked my portfolio. My final year film allowed me to experience flying in a hot air ballon and won first prize for the college, I guess his faith in me paid off. 

Why didn't you choose sound, producing or directing?  I'm a picture person and my curiosity in that area naturally led me toward Cinematography, it's about doing and creatively I feel it is where I best contribute to the making a film. Of course there is more to the role than simply picking up a camera and setting some lights however for me being in that moment is the best bit.

What was your first break into the industry?  Many people have supported me on my journey significantly I'm still in contact with most of them however if I was to isolate one thing,  it would a lady who worked at YTV. She broke the mould and booked me on my first film drama, I shall be forever grateful to her.

Do you favour Film or Digital? Aesthetically I love the feel of film but ultimately whatever the choice of format it's down to my skills to bring the directors vision to life and make the movie the best looking version of itself it can be.  My next short will be shot on the Varicam LT, I often use BMCC and of course Arri, which to my eye most closely resembles film. 

Which Cinematographers do you admire?  There are many inspiring Cinematographers out there creating beautiful films. My work has been strongly influenced by Nestor Almendros, his book 'One Man with a Camera' encouraged me to pursue a naturalistic style of lighting, for me its all about the light. 

As a Cinematographer do you have a favourite gadget or app?  Artemis  is a very handy app,  that assists the decision making process and I still greatly enjoy photography so my favourite gadget has to be my camera and of course, my lenses.